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“Make your world a beautiful place”

René Wissink is a professional Dutch artist. He is a passionate art lover and creator of large colorful and visually compelling paintings.

René Wissink has always loved art. He showed his creativity throughout his childhood and particularly admired the colorful works of famous Dutch painters such as Mondriaan and Van Gogh.

As a teenager he took art history and fine arts classes in high school. He stood out for the quality of his work and was invited to participate in an exhibition in The Hague at the age of seventeen.

Although he was aware of his talent, He decided to seek his happiness and existence by conventional means. He spent most of his career in consultancy, interim, and operational management, however decided to quit his job as head of supply chain in 2015 to fully focus on his passion for art making.

His work is inspired by the beauty of dutch towns and facades, the power of color and light, and the splendor of nature. It can be described as a mixture of abstract and figurative painting, realistic elements and unexpected objects. Using vibrant colors, strong lines, shades and cubist elements, he aims to recreate the beauty of the scene, engage and draw his audience into the painting, create a feeling of happiness or challenge their perceptions.

René Wissink was born and raised in the Netherlands, and now lives and works in Houten, a small city in the middle of the Netherlands.

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